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The first decade of the 21st century will unquestionably enter the history books as an important milestone in the sphere of general aviation.  After a series of long debates and discussions, regulators have come up with a systemic solution for sports aviation. The introduction of the category LSA is a genuine revolution, one which will have a significant impact on the whole aviation community. 

General aviation pilots as well as microlight and homebuilt pilots have now an attractive alternative to fly modern aircraft meeting stringent demands in respect of style, elegance, as well as offering comfort, modern avionics and maximum safety ensured by Ballistic Rescue Ssystem – all of this underpinned by low operating costs and a long service life. 

The dream of owning an airplane and complete independence is becoming reality. Finally pilots don’t have to lower their sights and reach a compromise by buying a foam and plastic ultralight. Now can fly a real aeroplane without restriction and limit for half of the cost of GA planes. 

So just as Europe is now without barriers, so your flying can be, and you can open up completely new horizons which you have not yet even dreamed of. Since 2006, when the first generation of SportCruiser had its debut in the USA, the plane has spread to all continents suitable for sport aviation. Lovely to look at, delightful to fly. The SportCruiser  became the pride and joy of hundrets of pilots from practicall every country where flies. 

SportCruiser – an ultimate way to your personal aeronautical exelence. The Sport Cruiser is an incredible aircraft “It has the take-off, landing performance similar to a Super Cub, cruise performance better than a Skyhawk, the operating costs of a Toyota Camry, and a new purchase price similar to a 10 year old Cessna 172! 

Due to the slow stall speed, excellent glide ratio, state of the art construction, and the Ballistic Recovery System, the SportCruiser may very well be the safest aircraft on the market.” 

Testimonial. Rudolf Fiam, Dep. Chief Pilot Czech Airlines ret. 23,000 hours, 46 types flown from gliders through ultralights and GA planes to airline planes 12 FAI World record holder


The key parameters of our assignment were to create the ultimate LSA design with outstanding flying characteristics, flying faster than an average general aviation aircraft at a half of the operating cost with short strips performance and capable of demanding flight training as well as comfortable touring. After years of development we are bringing our pride and joy to the aviation community. The latest generation of SportCruiser. It was not easy but our team of fully committed aviation engineers and enthusiastics achieved this challenge.


SportCruiser /Super Cub/ C-172

Maximum cruise (mph) 138/ 130/ 130

Take-off and landing roll (feet) 200 to 360/ 200 to 350/ 1050 to 1595

Stall speed 27 knots/ 37 knots/ 46 knots

Rate of climb (fpm) 1200/ 960/ 824

Range (nautical miles) 600/ 400/ 513

Glide ratio 16?/ 9?/ 8?

Gross take-off weight 1300 lbs /1750 lbs/ 2700 lbs

Useful load 600 lbs/ 750 lbs/ 700 lbs

Fuel capacity 30 gallons/ 36 gallons/ 50 gallons

Power plant 100 hp /150 hp /160 hp

Service ceiling 18.000 ft /17.500 ft /16.100 ft

Ballistic Recovery System Yes /N/A/ N/A

Cost for 700 miles trip $72.00 /$133.00/ $138.00

Time to travel 700 miles (max cruise less than 10%) 5.5 hr /6.5 hr /6.5 hr

Miles per gallon 30 mpg /16 mpg/ 16 mpg

Monthly payments through LetsFly with $2900 down $345.00 /N/A/ N/A


History  Technical Publications  Sportcruizer Club - Tourer - Professional,  Features  Pilot licence


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