Cyber safety at the airport


Public Wi-Fi networks are home to predatory digital criminals looking for opportunities to hack. There are a number of risks with airport Wi-Fi. Any connection that your device has that is unsecured or uses shared passwords can be breached by hackers. Their goal is to log into the same network and steal your personal data.

Recent research has revealed that as hackers get smarter they become less traceable. An airport offers criminals an opportunity to comprise your security, hack your device and use the data while you fly. 

How to be cyber safe before you fly

Here are some tips to help you avoid the trauma of a cyber-attack while passing through an airport.

Imposter networks

The fake network may look like the real thing but worth checking that the Costa network is actually Costa rather than the C0sto1 network that has just automatically connected you. If you are not sure check with the staff and find out the name of the network. 

Turn off auto connect

By turning off file sharing and autoconnection to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will reduce the risk of connecting to a rogue network

Software updates

Annoying reminders are easy to dismiss but reminders to update your software can protect your device from the latest attacks. Do this at home rather than on the airport Wi-Fi.

Public chargers may be fake

A recent risk is the charging station. The USB port you are plugging into charge up the phone with may have been comprised and is in fact not charging your phone but downloading its data. Bring your own cable.

Passwords are the doorway to your data

A dropped boarding pass could reveal you name. Like the smartest detective a hacker will use the small piece of evidence and attempt to work out your passwords. A difficult password is a smart password.


Author: Monika Prokešová

Image: Blue Coat Photos - Global Cloud, Global Cyber Security

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