How to work with Briefings and Debriefings


The briefing should be considered as important as the flight itself. However, it is undervalued most of the time. Every flight starts on the ground, with the briefing and introducing the student to the flight lesson to be performed.


A good briefing should include:

– A detailed description of the mission.


– An accurate check of weather, NOTAMs, documents and any other information related to the safety and the efficiency of the flight.


– A careful inspection of the student's flight preparation (remember, a good preparation on the ground will result into less workload during the flight).




It's obviously very important that both the student and the flying instructor arrive with sufficient time in advance for the flight, in order to perform an advantageous preparation. Establishing well defined roles and good communication will help the student to understand what he is supposed to do during the lesson. 


Psychology is a very important aspect to be considered before each flight. We, as flying instructors, should be able to motivate, encourage and reward students in an attempt to obtain their best performance.


Last but not least, particular emphasis should be given to debriefings too. It’s important to deeply analyse the flight focusing on skills to be improved, nevertheless an honest feedback based on his/her performance, attitude, assertiveness and progress, should be provided to the students.


Conclude the debriefing giving him/her a brief introduction about their next mission. High levels of stress and workload during the flight, especially at the initial stage, reduce student's capability to absorb information, whereas at the briefing phase, they have the opportunity to actually learn.


Source: Andrea Vignati, Foto: FA

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